Paint Instructions

DIY paint is naturally thick, but here are a

few techniques for minimizing brush strokes

to acheive a smoother finish.

1.) Begin with a wet brush that is not dripping,

and begin to apply paint to your item.

After 2 or 3 strokes, dip your brush into

water again and go over the area you have

just painted.

2.) Pour some paint into a separate container

and add a small amount of water. Begin

with a small splash, mix thouroughly, and

add a bit more until your consistancy is

thinner, but not watery.

DIY paint is highly pigmented, so adding a
little water to the mix won‛t affect the
color. However, when the ratio has more

water than paint, the paint becomes translucent.

Apply 2-3 coats of paint, allowing each coat

to dry completely.

Sand with a fine sandpaper or even a paper

bag between coats to smooth out any

unwanted texture.

Finish with a DIY wax or patina