Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Desk Chair-Painted Fabric

When I saw this chair I knew it would be perfect to paint.  I loved the style & the round upholstered seat.  My intentions where to reupholster the seat but once I looked it over I realized it would be more work harder than I thought.  

(70's fabric, anyone?)

I had a fantastic desk & it needed a chair so I really wanted to finish this one quickly.  I knew the fastest way was to paint the fabric.  Everyone is so fascinated by painting fabric.  It is so easy.   

I used American Paint Company's Lincoln's Hat, a true black.  American Paint Company Paint is all natural, zero VOC,  and eco-friendly.  Safe to use in your home!
I added some water to the paint, about 50/50.  This paint is so thick!  Adding the water helps the paint seep into the fabric so it doesn't feel stiff & crunchy.   

The frame of the chair was painted with American Paint Company's Navajo White.  A great white without being too white or too creamy.  I was too lazy to remove the seat so I just taped off the frame when I painted the seat. 

 I sealed the seat with 2 coats of Top Coat.  The seat feels smooth without being stiff.  

It looks perfect with my desk!

Love the frame on the back, reminds me of a hot air balloon!

American Paint Company offers an all natural, zero VOC, eco-friendly, and solvent free paint. 

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Create by Earlex Sprayer

One of my favorite things about Summer is I can use my paint sprayer & finish furniture much faster & without brush strokes.  Lucky for my I was just given a Create Sprayer by Earlex from Faux Real Brushes to review.  Shipping was fast, I had it in 2 days!   I know that is important because there is nothing worse than ordering something online & having to wait days or weeks to get it!  I am an instant gratification person, when I decide I want something, I want it instantly!

Packaging was superb!  

Even comes with a bow! ;)

Here's what I saw when I opened the box, lots of goodies!

Lots of good stuff, I have never had a sprayer include stencils & tape much less a paint mixer for the drill!  
Here's what is included in the box:
10' air Hose 
Carry handle 
2 -8oz paint containers 
1 paint lid 
1.0mm needle 
Masking Tape 
How to DVD 
400w Turbine Unit
5 stencils 

It includes a written instruction manual & a DVD.  If you have never used a sprayer I would recommend you read the manual & watch the DVD.  I am a fly by the seat of my pants type (only when it comes to things like this, I am really a huge planner) so I left these two & went straight for the good stuff!  Do as I say, not as I do! :)

It comes with 2 cups & a lid.  Perfect if you have paint left over & know you will be spraying again soon.  This came in handy for me because I switched back & forth between 2 colors.


See, I opened the manual so you would think I read it!  
I loved this part, the paint sucker upper part (I am sure there is an official name for this in the manual).  It's a soft rubber.  I have never had a sprayer like this.  Most of them have hard plastic straws.  The soft rubber made it much easier to clean.

The canister has measurements on the side which is great for measuring how much water to add to your paint. 

Now for the good stuff.  It is very simple to use, fill the canister with paint & some water (I have experimented with this a lot & I think there is no perfect mix, it will vary from person to person & color to color).  There is minimal overspray, I laid down a few tarps & sprayed pointing away from anything important.  When you turn it on it sounds like a vacuum cleaner.  It does have a 6' cord & a long air hose so you could put it in a separate room if it bothers you but this is one of the quietist I have heard.  It is very compact, has a handle for carrying & it actually weighs less than my purse!  I really like how the nozzle can be rotated for different spray patterns, horizontal, vertical or round.  You can also adjust the volume of paint sprayed by turning the screw on the back of the gun.  This is one of the easiest, most compact sprayers I have used.  It is by far my favorite & the others are going to sit around on the shelf gathering dust! 
I think you will love this sprayer, one of the best things about spraying is it is so much faster than brushing & you can create a professional finish!   That means more furniture in less time!  Be sure you order soon, the sprayer is $10 off if you order before July 31st!

Here is a sneak peak of one of the many pieces I have painted with the sprayer.

Disclosure:  I was given a Create by Earlex sprayer from Faux Real Brushes and I agreed to do a post and review on my experience with the sprayer.   I wasn’t compensated with payment, nor was I told what to say.  All opinions are my own.