Friday, June 14, 2013

Flag Day - A Rustic Flag

Happy Flag Day!  I was actually working on this flag for the past week not realizing Flag Day was today!  I saw several post on Facebook this morning & realized I needed to get this flag finished today.  I started out with some old pallet wood & originally painted the Union Jack on it.  But it was not a good Union Jack, the angles were all wrong.  It hung in my daughter's playroom for a few months because she really liked.  Well, we change that room almost monthly so out it went to make room for a great world map!  Before I knew what I wanted to do with this I painted turquoise over the Union Jack.  The turquoise was a little bright so I dry brushed on some Surfboard from American Paint Company.  It is a great soft aqua, easy on the eyes!  I remembered I had painted a flag on pallet wood similar to this & knew I needed to do it again.  This time I went with traditional flag colors; American Paint Company Fireworks Red, Navajo White & Shining Seas.  Perfect red, white & blue!

I distressed to show some of the old colors.  I love how you can see the turquoise & the original colors from the Union Jack.

These little starfish were quick & easy to paint with Shining Seas.  

If you are interested in trying American Paint Company Paint, you can go here.  I have all the colors available but haven't added them all to my store yet.  If you need a color not listed, let me know I will get it added.  

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