Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chevron Fail - Lincoln's Hat

A few months ago I went with my girlfriend to Scott's.  I really enjoy going & looking around but I had never really found any great deals on furniture until this trip.  There are some very nice ladies outside in a tent that have lots of great junk stuff.  I saw this piece at the back of the tent & asked how much.  $70.  Ouch, it needed lots of work so I said I would think about it.  As I looked it over, she said "$50".  Hmm, much better.  "Let me think about it.  We will walk around & come back."  I couldn't get it out of my head but didn't want to pay $50, so just before we left I headed back over to try & point out every little thing wrong with it so she would take my lower offer.  Lots of loose veneer & it's missing the drawer front.   My girlfriend quickly pointed out I could add a basket to the missing space & I gave her a dirty look.  I know what I can do with it but I don't want to make this easy.  Let this woman think I am stressing about it missing a drawer.  I mean who else would want this dresser without a drawer?  So I offered $40 & she took it.  I almost did the happy dance right there!  As we were coming back with the truck, the two women were pushing it out of the tent.  One of these sweet ladies was going to try & help us load it in the truck.  I had to practically beg her to stop.  She was at least 90 years old!  Small little frail woman acting like she was about to pick up this dresser!  I hope I am like that!

I posted this picture on Facebook & asked what color should I paint this.  I got a comment "PAINT?? On mahogany?  I hope you are kidding!"  I'm thinking dude, seriously, I. Paint. Furniture.  & you wouldn't believe the condition of this piece.  

I should have taken a picture of all the stuff I cleaned out of it.  Half a ceiling fan, 200 washers, nuts, bolts, hair pins, curlers.  Seriously, lots of random little metal pieces.

Gum & who knows what that white stuff is!

Part of the veneer easily came off, the rest took me over an hour!!

Terrible iphone picture but I removed all of the drawers & inside walls.

Have you ever painted chevron pattern on furniture?  If you have, you deserve an award.  Or at least a cookie!  I have seen pictures all over blog land where people are making patterns with stain.  Some are super cool amazing flowers.  I knew I didn't have the patience  time for something like that but I knew this dresser would need pizzaz.  I couldn't paint chevron on the front because of the little detail on the drawer that I didn't want to remove.  I figured I could easily tape off a chevron pattern for the top.  And since this is a media cabinet it needs to be fun!  So I searched Pinterest for chevron tutorials, I found one I really liked & went to work.  Umm, yeah, 45 minutes & half a role of tape later I came up with a new idea.  I knew I could tape straight lines so I went with a checker boardish pattern.  

Of course Home Depot is closet to me & they don't sell Frog Tape!  What!  I hope this works!

I did every square in dark walnut that I think is a mismatch because every time I use it it looks red.
Then went back over every other with ebony.  This is what I had on hand & I didn't want to run back to Home Depot for the 3rd time in one day.  And I couldn't wait because I had to have this top done today!

So you can see that the walnut stain was fine but the ebony seeped under the tape.   I bet that wouldn't have happened with Frog Tape!  I really liked the contrast but knew I had to somehow try to cover up the seeping.  I didn't have another stain I could use that was light so I went with some Restore A Finish I had in Golden Oak.  Crossed my fingers & hoped it worked!

Not bad, you can still see where the stain seeped under the tape but it doesn't jump out at you.

This is the final color once I put on 2 coats of wipe on Poly.

The bottom was painted with American Paint Company's Lincoln's Hat.  It is a great black!

Funny about these knobs.  I bought them the same day I purchased the dresser at Scott's.  From a totally different vendor & planned on painting them but I just loved how big & chunky they were.  Once the dresser was finished I knew these knobs would be perfect on it.  
After my husband got home & I showed him what I had tried to do with the chevron pattern, he said, "Oh, that would be easy to do".  Ok, now I am going to force him to tape off a chevron pattern on a piece of furniture because I am dying to do it!

Media Cabinet available-$425
Measures 46"W x 22"D x 35"H
inside shelf measures 41" across

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  1. That came out fabulous!!!!
    I've done that in drawer interiors but with paint - have never tried it on wood with stain - wow - it's just gorgeous!!!

  2. What a transformation!! So pretty.

  3. you did a GREAT job! I wouldn't have had patience for all of that, much less a CHEVRON! I get sort of queasy thinking about it...

  4. My goodness! I love it!! You did a great job w/ stain which isn't always easy to work with!!
    All Things Heart and Home

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  6. Wow--that looks so great! Best $40 piece of furniture I've ever seen! :)

  7. That is really cool. Nice Job!
    Thanks, Patty

  8. I think it looks awesome! You did a great job!

    Therena @

  9. What a Fun Project, I love the top!! I would love you to come link up at my Paint Party going on now
    Hope to see you soon,