Wednesday, February 6, 2013

From Boring to Fabulous

I've had this cute little dresser for a few years.  It was one of my 1st furniture make overs but it wasn't really all that great.  I wish I had a before before photo.  I picked it up at a garage sale for $25, it was yellow & purple.  Yuck!  I stripped it down to reveal gorgeous cherry wood.  And then I painted right over it with brown & pink.  A big improvement over the yellow & purple but very boring now.  It was used in the playroom in the basement where the whole room happened to be pink & brown.  Not that my daughter has ever liked pink, not even as a little girl but I liked pink & brown, a lot!  So she got a pink & brown playroom complete with pink & brown toile curtains!

A few weeks ago I decided I should switch around the rooms in the basement.  This room was originally built as my scrapbook room with a small area for toys.  Once my daughter started taking over & my step daughters didn't come over any more, we moved rooms.  I moved my stuff to the very back bedroom & redid this room as a full playroom.  That left one bedroom in the basement, it was a cave.  In the back of the basement but front of the house, there are no windows.  It was so dark.  Because I don't have enough to do (ha ha) I wanted to redo this room into a cute guest bedroom.  And I was sooo over the pink!  I will soon reveal all the pictures of the room, if you follow me on Facebook, you have already seen several sneak peaks.  
Now, onto the dresser.  Here is the before but not the before before.  Got it?

Pink & brown, over done!!  I painted the drawer fronts in CeCe Caldwell's Virginia Chestnut.  It's not the same color brown, it is darker but it was fine as a base to cover the pink.  Next I used Myrtle Beach sand.  This is a gorgeous neutral!  You have to try it!!

This was not the final look I was going for because it too closely matches the wall color.  I knew I wanted a blue but Memphis blue was too light & too blue to go with the duvet cover I had already purchased.  So I decided to mix my own custom color which is so easy to do using CeCe Caldwell paints.  

These are the colors I mixed.  I started with Memphis Blue, added equal amount of Seattle Mist & then a touch of Kentucky Mint.

Memphis in middle, new color on right.  It was the perfect blue gray color I was looking for.  After painting I decided to add a little more gray by adding some gray paint to CeCe Caldwell clear wax.  Did you know you can do that?  You can add more depth to your piece by adding a touch of paint to your wax.  

On the bottom is the wax, you can see how much it darkened the color.  After some buffing, here is the final result.  

Some of the areas are crackled.  Other areas I distressed to show Myrtle Beach or Virginia Chestnut. It gives the piece more character to have different paint colors showing through.

I can't wait to finish up & show you the big reveal!