Sunday, January 6, 2013

Milk Paint Review

Well, I had to try it.  With all the hype of MMS & her new line of milk paint, I finally had to give milk paint a try.  I tried Old Fashioned Milk Paint first.  I went with Salem Red.  I was looking for a good barn red & they do have a color called barn red but the color sticker on the outside of the bag looked too brown.  Mixing the paint was not fun!  It is such a loose powder that when you stir it or touch it, it flies into the air.  And in your nose!  I would recommend you wear a mask when mixing this paint.  It mixed very lumpy even though I used warm water & stirred a lot.  It went on pretty bumpy but I expected that since it didn't mix well.  I was hoping for a sure chippy look as this was the request for the bench.  Unfortunately that didn't happen.  I had to sand, a lot & it wasn't easy to sand off.  I was happy with the finished look but it wasn't easy to get there!  I sealed the bench with CeCe Caldwell clear wax.

Next I tried The Real Milk Paint Co. in Peacock.  It is a great color, a good medium blue.  I was hoping for a very chippy finish.  Of course I didn't get it!  I painted this Ethan Allen end table that my sister in law gave me.

This paint mixed better but still the fine powder gets everywhere!  The paint went on smooth but didn't cover as well as I was hoping.  It took 2-3 coats to get the coverage I wanted.  Then I sat back & waited for the magic to happen.  Nothing!  It didn't crackle & chip so I started lightly sanding the whole piece.  It sands very easily & once I started sanding it did chip off nicely in some areas but mostly the back, where no one will see it!  Before I sanded the top I added this stencil to the top.

Then I sanded down the top & waxed with CeCe Caldwell clear wax.  

Here is the very chippy back, sorry for the sunny picture!
I am planning on trying Miss Mustard Seed Milk paint next & hope it is as great as I have heard!  
This end table is available for sell at Countryside Antiques in Braselton.

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