Wednesday, January 23, 2013

M & M

Munson & Murphy 

I was searching through some of my photos the other day & came across so many cute pictures of my dog that I just had to share.  Besides they are the cutest dogs in the world, a little girl told me that on Halloween & since kids don't lie, it must be true :)

A pink cup, really, Mom?

I love tea parties!

Oh, look, the cat is getting involved!  (We miss you Smokie!)

I love this column!

What in the heck is that!?


Seriously, you are going to make me wear this sweater?

Nap time!

I'm gonna do this like the big dog!

Tug of war! 

There are 2 dogs in this picture!

Is this how we lay down?

I can't wait to watch this movie!

I love slumber parties!

Another outfit?

Next, lets try surfing!


Let's eat the snow!

I did not eat the plant, you can't prove anything!

It's our friend, Bella!

Stop running & I will get that stupid outfit off of you!

Bella & Bob were here for Christmas!

Mom, please don't take a picture of my 1st date with Bella.

You are embarrassing me!



You can't catch me!

I love you!

We were going to kiss until Mom took a picture! 

Munson ♥ Molly

Crazy ears!

This is the best spot in the house!

I didn't do it!

I give up, I did it!

That isn't another pet, is it?


These are my toys & I love them!

This is the life!


I got my googles, let's go swimming!

We are not spoiled!

Do I have to ride in this wagon?


  1. Love the captions! I thought I was the only one who did that. Up with crazy pet lovers! Thanks for sharing. Regena in Tn.

  2. You could win those "write a caption" contests! They are adorable, remind me of my dogs, "I'm not spoiled, my people are just well-trained" We have 3 standard poodles, gotta get pics of them online. Your biggest reminds me of our old girl Lucy, she's 11 years old. The 3 of them cuddled with each other or with us. They rule the furniture, just like yours.

    1. Thank you, Janet! I'm not much of a writer so I take that as a huge compliment!! Both of my dogs & 2 of their friends are half poodles! Great dogs!