Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bead Board, Trim, Caulking & Painting

We have been busy in the kitchen.  Not baking!  We removed wallpaper that I thought would be a great idea 12 years ago.  Not so much when we went to remove it!  Yuck!!   Then we had the walls painted. We removed all of the trim, added bead board & new trim.  Sounds easy enough but cutting trim is not easy!  It took several tries to get it right & I don't think we will be doing it again anytime soon!  Then came the even harder part, calking!  It sounds & looks so easy but it is really time consuming.  Definitely worth it in the end because it cover all of the little mistakes & makes a huge difference!  I finished painting today.  Unfortunately when I started painting all of the new trim, the old trim around the door way is so yellow!  So I had to paint around 4 doors.  Yep, 4, just in the kitchen!  And one is double french doors with a transom above it.  So I spent most of the day painting.  Now with the nice new wall color & bright white trim, the doors look so yellow!  Guess they will be next!

I have just a few more things to finish up & then I will reveal the whole kitchen.  

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  1. Haven't you been busy!!!!! Doesn't it seem like one project always leads to another one?

    Caulk is a finisher's best friend! Can't wait to see your kitchen all done!