Thursday, November 1, 2012

Linen Closet Update

I have been going through the house & reorganizing everything since January!  It feels good to organize & get rid of junk!  Our hallway linen closet has bothered me for years.  I purchased the white baskets a few years ago to try & control the clutter but I never really liked the looks of them.
Enter these awesome HomeGoods/TJ Maxx baskets.  I found this adorable chicken wire & burlap basket (I mean seriously , what's not to love burlap AND chicken wire!?). Of course there was only one basket to be found in the entire store.  Don't you just love when that happens?  It only took me 4 HomeGoods/TJ Maxx stores to find what I needed.  But I hit the jackpot at that store!  The baskets come in 3 different sizes!  I bought all they had not knowing exactly what I would use & you know if I didn't buy them all I would need them & never be able to find them again!  The best part was they were cheaper than the original basket! Huh?  Same store, different price?  Yep, a $3 difference!  Luckily I didn't need all of the larger baskets so I am taking the more expensive one back!

Here it is all clean & organized.  The basket on the bottom holds tp, (looks like we are out, whoops!).  Now I have an empty shelf on the top, just incase.  We had the house painted, too.  You can see a little bit of the new color on the right.  It is called Silver Tinsel by Behr.  I am loving it!


  1. Looks lovely. Does the baskets have compartments in them? It looks so organized.

  2. Cool idea ... and the things you learn about your on house from your wife's page. Do we have anything else new?