Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pickin Paradise

Today I went to a great place for junkin! Literally, it was full of junk! Here is what I saw when I pulled up.

Talk about over whelming!  My 1st thought was, how do I get in?! There was so much stuff, everywhere!! After staring for a few minutes, I decided to get out of the truck & take a closer look. Once I got closer I saw a sign that said main entrance. There was so much stuff piled up I figured I would have to climb over something to get in. When I finally gathered the courage made my way up the stairs I could see a small path that led to the front door. But once I got up there I knew I had to walk around the outside before I ever went in. You seriously could get lost here!

You can see the small path on the left, the door is on the right between piles.

This was between the 2 buildings.  I snagged all those jars on the top right.  That newer red scooter & red bull sign seemed so out of place!

I couldn't get to the end of this side, too much stuff!

I spied this chippy old bed.  

Old lunchbox, anyone?

Here is where I first met my new "friend".  She went running past me & I thought she might be a rat!  Luckily, she was a sweet little kitten.  She followed me around outside the entire time!

When I finally went inside, the guy said "let me turn on the lights".  When he did, you couldn't tell much difference!  He had 2 sides & the side where you walked in was lit but the other side with all the stuff wasn't!  I wasn't prepared for that & had to use the flash on my iphone as a flashlight!  There is no telling what is buried in there!!

I went back outside to look around the other side & the back.  

This is the front on the left.  I couldn't get to the end over here, either!

Cool old pram, too bad it has been sitting outside, it would have been really cool!

This is the back middle.  I had to get off the porch to walk down to the end!  There was just so much stuff!

My friend sneaking up on the vines that were blowing in the breeze.  When I got off the porch she laid flat in the grass & pounced on me!  She was so cute!!!

This is the back left side, no way to get around over here, either!

Loved this cool old bed & he had the rails but wanted $100.  It really needed a lot of work.

My friend again, showing me this lovely rug!

Cool old bedsprings.  I would love to have had this but I am sure it was expensive like the bed & I wasn't really dressed to dig it out!  Next time I go I will bring boots, gloves & a flashlight! 

Here is what I came home with.  Lots of great stuff but nothing different or exciting.  I think all my pickin pictures look the same, lol!

By little friend!  Hope you are there next time!

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  1. Looks like a perfect shopping spot if you ask me!

  2. When we were first married there were a couple places like that we saw, long gone. Brought back memories.

  3. Oh my gosh! I've never seen such a pickin' place....I'm sure you are looking forward to your next trip! Blessings!

  4. Wow, I can't imagine stumbling upon such a cool place. Hope you get back and get some more fun stuff. Thanks for taking us along. Now I have faith there are still such places out there! I want some of those incredible signs!

  5. I would have had a hard time not taking home that adorable kitten...

  6. I love the scales you got. Wow, I wonder how long it took him to accumulate all of that stuff? Thank you for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend :)

  7. I love kitchen scales and could easily own 100 if I let myself ; o ) What a great place to go picking!

  8. What a cool place! I would have been like the American Pickers & just started digging around, good clothes can be replaced. LOL! Hope you can go back & get some more pictures - would love to see what else you get to bring home.

  9. Oh my goodness! You got some fabulous items! Love the dough bowl and scales! Great place to 'dig' through.

  10. Would love to check out this place. Could you tell me where it is?