Thursday, September 27, 2012

CeCe Caldwell Paint Made Easy Workshop

Next workshop Tuesday October 16th 10-2:30

BYOF (Bring your own furniture) -$125
Bring a small piece of furniture you can carry yourself: chair, small table, mirror, nightstand, bookshelf

Workshop includes instruction and furniture painting tips and tricks I've learned from years of painting furniture!  I will be available to answer any questions you have as you finish your piece of furniture with CeCe Caldwell’s Paints & Waxes.  Classes are limited to 5 participants, so everyone gets one-on-one instruction!   Lunch  will be provided.  
Workshop fee includes all paint and supplies.  Simply bring your piece of furniture, wear your painting clothes and be ready to paint!

Workshops are held in the warehouse behind City Antiques, 700 Holcomb Bridge Road, Roswell.

Go here to reserve your space

Sunday, September 16, 2012

1 Dresser, 3 Pieces

I picked up this plain dresser off Craig's List.  This was the 1st time I was making a CL purchase that I didn't feel totally comfortable.  I only texted the person & they wanted me to meet them early in the morning at a storage unit.  Sounds kinda fishy, huh?  Well, it all worked out (because I'm still here & I'm not blogging from inside a storage unit).  Turns out it was a sweet, very very young couple.  The dresser came with a hutch but I really was only after the dresser.  Here is the before of the dresser:

After cleaning it & removing the hardware I decided the middle drawer was just too big so I decide to remove it & make this dresser into a media cabinet.  I removed the drawer & the runner.  Added some thin boards all the way around to make a box.  Drilled a hole in the back for cords.  I was about half way through painting it Vintage White when a super sweet lady came to look at a chest I had for sale.  She really liked this piece to & bought it without even seeing it finished!  

The hutch was sitting around for much longer.  I was waiting for another piece to come in that would need the hutch.  Then I saw this post.  I knew exactly what I was going to do!  Here is the before:

I flipped it upside down, removed some of the outdated trim pieces, added a top & 2 hooks for hanging.  It was painted Traverse City Cherry & dark waxed.  I sealed it with Satin Finish.  I picture it filled with white Ironstone!

(I know these are terrible pictures but this piece is headed to the shop & I didn't want to make holes in my wall just to stage a photo!)
So now you are probably wondering what is the 3rd piece I am going to make out of this dresser/hutch.  Remember that drawer I took out of the middle of the dresser?  Well, I was inspired by a photo on Pinterest (that I'm not going to repost without written permission!).  I had some old legs sitting around & this huge drawer.  Now I am so glad I didn't throw it away!  Here is a picture of the legs & drawer put together:

And here is the after:

It made a great table with hidden storage!  And the drawer is pretty big so it would be great for extra blankets or to hide toys!  So next time you have an extra drawer laying around, think outside the box & see what you can do with it!

Thanks to Cassie for featuring this project this week!

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Stationery card

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pickin Paradise

Today I went to a great place for junkin! Literally, it was full of junk! Here is what I saw when I pulled up.

Talk about over whelming!  My 1st thought was, how do I get in?! There was so much stuff, everywhere!! After staring for a few minutes, I decided to get out of the truck & take a closer look. Once I got closer I saw a sign that said main entrance. There was so much stuff piled up I figured I would have to climb over something to get in. When I finally gathered the courage made my way up the stairs I could see a small path that led to the front door. But once I got up there I knew I had to walk around the outside before I ever went in. You seriously could get lost here!

You can see the small path on the left, the door is on the right between piles.

This was between the 2 buildings.  I snagged all those jars on the top right.  That newer red scooter & red bull sign seemed so out of place!

I couldn't get to the end of this side, too much stuff!

I spied this chippy old bed.  

Old lunchbox, anyone?

Here is where I first met my new "friend".  She went running past me & I thought she might be a rat!  Luckily, she was a sweet little kitten.  She followed me around outside the entire time!

When I finally went inside, the guy said "let me turn on the lights".  When he did, you couldn't tell much difference!  He had 2 sides & the side where you walked in was lit but the other side with all the stuff wasn't!  I wasn't prepared for that & had to use the flash on my iphone as a flashlight!  There is no telling what is buried in there!!

I went back outside to look around the other side & the back.  

This is the front on the left.  I couldn't get to the end over here, either!

Cool old pram, too bad it has been sitting outside, it would have been really cool!

This is the back middle.  I had to get off the porch to walk down to the end!  There was just so much stuff!

My friend sneaking up on the vines that were blowing in the breeze.  When I got off the porch she laid flat in the grass & pounced on me!  She was so cute!!!

This is the back left side, no way to get around over here, either!

Loved this cool old bed & he had the rails but wanted $100.  It really needed a lot of work.

My friend again, showing me this lovely rug!

Cool old bedsprings.  I would love to have had this but I am sure it was expensive like the bed & I wasn't really dressed to dig it out!  Next time I go I will bring boots, gloves & a flashlight! 

Here is what I came home with.  Lots of great stuff but nothing different or exciting.  I think all my pickin pictures look the same, lol!

By little friend!  Hope you are there next time!

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Identity Crisis

This awesome chest was having an identity crisis!

First it wanted to be Young Kansas Wheat & then it wanted to be Seattle Mist.  After brushing on both of those colors, it finally decided it wanted to be it's very own color.  I mixed Alaskan Tundra Green with Memphis Blue, some Vintage White & a drop of Destin Green.  It was perfect!  The chest was so happy to have it's own unique color & I was happy to be finished! 

The color is actually darker than I can get it to photograph.  My booth was too full so I listed it on CL.  It sold within 2 days.  The sweetest lady came & purchased it.  She also purchased another piece that I was in the process of working on.  Bonus!  She was really sweet & is interested in learning how to paint her own furniture, we may have converted another one!

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