Sunday, August 5, 2012

Have You Ever Waxed Your Drawers?

Did the title get your attention?  Well, have you?  I got this super cute chest from another dealer in my shop.  She wanted me to build her a window cabinet  & traded me this chest & a couple of old windows.  Great deal, huh?  Well, it would have been but while building her cabinet, I dropped a 1" x 10" board on my big toe & broke it!  I had a cute little pink cast & very large black bruise for weeks.  Anyhoo, I have been wanting to do a two tone dresser for quite some time.  When I got this piece, I knew it was perfect!  Someone had previously stripped the chest & the previous owner had begun spray painting it.  I am so glad she only got to the drawers!  

I stained the outside with dark walnut after using a wood conditioner.  The wood was so dry!  I painted the drawers with a mix of Destin Gulf Green, Vintage White & Blue Montana Sky.  I added a dark wax over the top.  I sealed everything with CeCe Caldwell's awesome Satin Finish.  The knobs were purchased from Hobby Lobby, they are some of my favorite & are perfect on this piece!
So are you wondering where the drawer waxing comes in?  You know how these antique pieces are, wood on wood for the drawers.  They don't slide easily & no one wants to fight with their drawers!  Usually I use candle wax but I had this crazy idea if wax makes my finished product so smooth, what would it do to the drawers?  I waxed the bottom of the drawers & the draw glides on the sides.  Buffed & wah-la!  Perfection!  The slide so easily you almost can't stop them!

Sorry for the crappy pictures, it was hard to move it around with a broken toe!  It sold in the shop in just   3 weeks!
You can purchase CeCe Caldwell Paint here

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  1. Loving all he two-tone pieces being done these days! This turned out so gorgeous!

  2. I've done that! A tiny bit of wax makes those drawers slide easily again. Great piece!

  3. beautiful! love the sweet details on this piece. gotta go before i wax my drawers....

  4. Love it. Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party.


  5. I love wax too. The title did make me chuckle.

    Thanks for sharing on the All Star Block Party!

  6. Great job! Usually I use soap on my drawers but next time I will try the wax :)

  7. Amazing project!
    New Follower over from ATL fb group!
    Hugs, Jen