Friday, June 29, 2012

Paint Store Closed for Vacation

My paint store will be closed for vacation until July 6th. Sorry for any inconvenience, I am taking a much needed week of for my 40th birthday. Enjoy your week & Happy 4th of July!!!! Enjoy some very  random photos.

Just because it's pretty

From my garden one morning this week.  I have filled another basket that looks like this!

One of my 3 pepper plants after being picked!  I think someone will need to come pick some while I am gone!

We got our toes painted for our trip (I'm not really deformed, those are 2 different feet!).

We needed a haircut!

And we got one! 

I think we are ready for vacation!  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mallory's Dresser

This dresser was a make over for my oldest step daughter.  This was her mom's dresser when she was a young girl.  I was thrilled she trusted me enough to redo it for her.  She waned it to be black & didn't like the frenchy handles.  That was ok because 2 of them were broken anyway.

Because I was too lazy, I primed with a homemade chalk paint & then painted with Sherwin Williams Tricorn black.  This is my favorite black, it is a true black.  I filled the holes on two of the drawers & found 2 of the cutest glass knobs with black polka dots.  They looked perfect, fun & elegant all at the same time.  
After: from little girl's dresser to chic & stylish dresser!

Primitive and Proper

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dresser turned Media Console

My step daughter needed some grown up furniture for her new condo. She needed something to replace the Walmart furniture, something that would be sturdy & last. I found this dresser on Craig's, the picture they had didn't show the middle doors open. I kindly asked them to send me a picture with the doors open. It was perfect! But they wanted $90 for the dresser (more than I had planned to spend since we were doing this on a budget). I told them it was perfect but out of my price range. The instantly came down to $50! I was thrilled but we couldn't get a time worked out, they were only available in the evenings & I was only available during the day. We finally worked it out almost 2 weeks later. My husband ended up going with me on a Saturday. I was so glad! We pulled into an apartment complex (not the nicest one & probably a little scary if I had been alone!). The couple we purchased the dresser from were from Brazil & so super sweet! I have been amazed at what nice people I have met on CL! Turns out the dresser is EXTREMELY heavy, even with the drawers out! Had it not been for my husband being with me, I don't think we could have gotten it into the truck!

The 1st thing I did was remove the trim piece on the bottom in the center.  It just seemed kind of random to me.  Next I removed the doors & cut 2 holes in the back for the cords.  I gave it 2 coats of Vintage white, lightly distressed & sealed.  The drawer pulls got a coat of metal spray.  Here is the after:

Becolorfulyou are talking too much />Primitive and Proper

Monday, June 4, 2012

French Side Table

I found this awesome little table at an antiques store for an amazing price.  I walked past it 3 times trying to figure out what was wrong with it & why it was priced so low.  I finally figured I had better grab it before some one else did.

I painted it Vintage White with minimal distressing.  I love the way it turned out!

Available for sale at City Antiques
Primitive and Proper