Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Late to the Party

As usual, I am late to the party! I know the Union Jack dresser has been done & redone but I just had to try it!  I purchased this chest from the auction a few months ago.  It was on of the oldest pieces at the auction that night.  It was in great shape, only needed to be cleaned.  I removed the piece across the top on the back, it looked too girly for me.

I loved it immediately!  I was thrilled that I actually won & got to bring it home.  It was dying to be blue & I thought that was a great idea but I also wanted to add the Union Jack flag.   It was a lot harder than I thought & actually took me about 4 months to complete.  I was so imitated!  I was trying to make it as accurate as possible & I turned it the other way.  If I were to do another one, I would lay this on its side & draw the flag out.  

It is now for sale in my booth at City Antiques.  

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spring Hill Green

I picked up this little table for my daughter's room. The picture on CL was awful! I couldn't tell anything about it but it was listed for $25 & said antique so I thought it was worth a shot. I asked for a better picture expecting to get an email back that it was sold since it had been listed for a few days. Much to my surprise, it was still available & was a cute little table. We agreed to meet the next day, the lady was so sweet & worried about the condition of the table that she sent me several emails & pictures to make sure I was ok with the condition before I drove all the way to meet her.

Sorry this is such a bad before picture but I was trying to hide the legs that I had already started painting.  I forgot to take the before picture again!

 The lion head pull sucked me right in! 

Unfortunately it is only for looks but I still love it! I showed it to my daughter & she said it might be too short for her chair so I just tucked away with all of the other to be finished projects. Two days later she decided the table would work & wanted to know when it would be finished. Really!? You didn't want it & now you want to know when it will be finished!? Luckily it was a easy table, I did sand the top down since it was so scratched. I used CeCe Caldwell's Spring Hill Green It only took a few hours to paint & wax. The cute lion head pull just got a good cleaning. No distressing :( my girl likes a clean paint job!

If you would like to try CeCe Caldwell Paint, you can order it here.

Thank you to Becky@Beyond the Picket Fence for featuring my table.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday's Treasures

We found some eggs in the yard today that must have been blown out of the trees by the storm last night.  I am so loving the blue one!  

This picture was taken with my iphone.  It is now my go to camera because the pictures are so amazing!   I don't know what I ever did without it.  
Hope you have had a great Monday & found some cool treasures!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pallet Table

I have pallet fever!  Who knew you could make such cool stuff for practically free!?  It does require some hard work!  Have you ever cut apart a pallet?  You will need a reciprocating saw & some very strong forearms.  And some gloves to help prevent blisters!  And lots & lots of patience!  But it is fun!
I have made a couple of pallet shelves, those are so easy.

But this was the 1st time I was actually building something.  I forgot to take a before picture so imagine it looked like this:

The only pieces that were cut were the 2 long sides.  I just made the table the size it wanted to be.  
Here is a picture of it all put together.

I use regular latex paint, something I had left over from who knows what!  I distressed heavily with my palm sander & wiped on/wiped off stain.  I sealed the whole table with wipe on poly.

Thanks to Becky & Desiree for featuring my pallet table this week!

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