Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Few Quick Pillows

I stumbled across this remnant at Hobby Lobby last week, I had to have it because I have been in love with this fabric, forever! It was almost a yard & I had 2 pillows I thought would be perfect. Unfortunately they were a little too big to cover both so I decide to throw in some burlap to make it go a little further. The larger pillows were quick & easy. I don't know why I decide to put piping & an invisible zipper on the smallest. I am NOT a seamstress. I can sew but it doesn't come naturally, I really struggle & have to think about it, A LOT! That's why I enjoy painting & repairing furniture, it comes naturally, it is easy, & I don't have to think about it. Actually I get most of my thinking done while I am painting, that's when I come up with the best ideas. Here are the pillows, no before, they were basic feather pillows, so just imagine some white squares (and one rectangle)! I don't have a place for all these great pillows so they are headed to the shop on Friday.

Burlap back

I had a little fabric left over so I made some rolled flowers for this pillow.  I am addicted to making these now!

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  1. They are beautiful, I love the fabric!

  2. Very pretty!!! I've been wanting to try and make some of those make it look so easy!!!
    Thank you for the encouragement and for your paints. I plan to order and try them on a project. I am very sensitive to paint so I'm loving this healthy option!

    Rene' xo

  3. I love that fabric (and of course....I totally LOVE Hobby Lobby)! I need that fabric for my living room!

    Thanks for linking up to Pillow Palooza!


  4. These are lovely! Adore those remnant rosettes too and the use of burlap was brilliant. I'm pinning!

    So very, very happy that you linked up to our Pillopalooza slumber party!


  5. I adore those pillows!!! Can you please make me a few??? I will pay what ever!! I NEED them!! :)