Monday, April 30, 2012

Vintage White French Chest

I purchased this from someone who was downsizing their collection.  I paid more for it than I normally would but it was gorgeous & I just had to have it!  It is a big, beautiful piece!

Look at those legs!  I really wanted to keep it for myself!

This one was so easy!  Just a couple quick coats of Vintage White, lightly distressed, & sealed it with a coat of Varathane.  

It sold in less than a week at the shop.  I knew it wouldn't last!  I'm sure where ever it is, it is making a statement in the room!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Few Quick Pillows

I stumbled across this remnant at Hobby Lobby last week, I had to have it because I have been in love with this fabric, forever! It was almost a yard & I had 2 pillows I thought would be perfect. Unfortunately they were a little too big to cover both so I decide to throw in some burlap to make it go a little further. The larger pillows were quick & easy. I don't know why I decide to put piping & an invisible zipper on the smallest. I am NOT a seamstress. I can sew but it doesn't come naturally, I really struggle & have to think about it, A LOT! That's why I enjoy painting & repairing furniture, it comes naturally, it is easy, & I don't have to think about it. Actually I get most of my thinking done while I am painting, that's when I come up with the best ideas. Here are the pillows, no before, they were basic feather pillows, so just imagine some white squares (and one rectangle)! I don't have a place for all these great pillows so they are headed to the shop on Friday.

Burlap back

I had a little fabric left over so I made some rolled flowers for this pillow.  I am addicted to making these now!

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Guest Bedroom Reveal

We didn't really need another guest bedroom but my stepson went to college & I really wanted to redo his room.  I knew if he came back he wouldn't want to sleep in the bunk beds we had much less sleep upstairs with us.  We have a perfectly good guest room in the basement that all of my step kids seem to prefer when they come over.
It started with winning a beautiful antique bed at the auction.  I knew I had to sell the bunk beds to get the bed in.  A couple of days on Craig's list & they were gone.
I only have 2 before pictures, like everything I do I just jump into it & then think about taking pictures.  The two I have are of the curtains I was trying to sell & the antique bed.  It is a typical boys room, sports themed & lots of boy things!

I had planned on doing this room around the antique bed & quilt I had gotten from Pottery Barn.  I have a good friend who is buying a new house & needs some furniture.  She fell in love with this bed & decided she wanted it for her guest room.  I had originally bought it to paint & sale but it was in really good shape & I just couldn't paint it.  I knew it would have a good home where it would be loved.  Besides, my daughter really wanted a bed I had in my stash.  It is a gorgeous french bed.  Only problem was we had just purchased her 2 twin beds the year before & I went all out & bought the Peace Patchwork quilts from Pottery Barn teen (a small fortune!).  But I thought if I could get her the bed she wanted I could have her gorgeous twin beds in this room.  
The next problem was she didn't like the full size mattress, it was as hard as a rock!  So I ended up purchasing a 3"memory foam & 1 1/2 fiber fill.  This bed is like heaven!  Now that Princess is happy, I can snatch her beds!  So just to keep you up with all the bed switch a roo, my friend got the antique bed, my daughter got the french bed from my stash, I got the twin beds from my daughter's room for the guest room.  Whew, that is a lot of switching!  Anyway, everyone is very happy with what they got.  So now I have 2 twin beds & knew just where I wanted to go with the room.  All white!  Yep, I had fallen in love with rooms all over blog land that are all white & knew this was the perfect opportunity for me to have one, too.  
I wanted to redo this room without buying anything "new".  I already had the white down quilts, they had been purchased for my daughter's room.  I had been collecting white sheets & pillow cases from Goodwill for months.  Anytime I saw some with eyelet, I snatched them up!    The white matelasse cover I had purchased at a garage sale last year for $2.  There is a quarter size stain on it but it is folded & will never been seen.  The other gorgeous Italian bedspread was purchased at a thrift store for $5!  Yep, deal of the decade!  I already had all of the pillows, just moved from other rooms.  

The screen was brought up from basement storage.  Rocking chair my husband had purchased when my oldest step daughter was a baby.  

The chest was my husbands when he was a kid.  I don't know what happened to the top drawer pulls but I am still looking for some.  The large mirror was also stored in the basement.  I originally planned on hanging it on the wall but the light switch was in the way.  I am really glad now because I think over the chest is the perfect spot.

I purchased the large basket from a garage sale & painted it Vintage white.  

The throw pillows were all purchased from thrift stores, anytime I see a down filled pillow I buy them.  Great to recover & sell at the shop (after a trip through the sanitary cycle in the dryer).  

The map was purchased a few weeks ago from an estate sale, it is a map of USSR, 1966.  My husband's family is originally from Russia.  The large frame was purchased off Craig's list last year, I bought about 10 for $5 each.  It was gold, I painted it Simply white.  

I needed something to go on the wall above the beds.  I wanted to hang a large branch but my husband wasn't thrilled with bringing one into the house.  I had just purchased these great windows the day before & thought these 2 might be perfect.  

The curtains were some sheets I had purchased a few months ago at the Salvation Army, just cut them to length & made a pocket for the rod.  The curtain rod was one of the only things I purchased.  I saw it at Tuesday Morning & had to have it.  

The baby shoes were mine when I was a baby (or my sister's, my mom couldn't remember whose were whose!)  

The antlers were purchased at Scott's last week.  Everything else on the chest I already had.  The twigs came from the backyard & got a little white spray paint.  

The table between the beds was purchased at the auction.  Originally I was going to sell it but it was a perfect fit between the beds.  I painted it to match the beds (painted the old fashion way with latex paint!).  

I already had the lamp base but purchased the burlap lamp shade from Target.
I bought the English toast holder from a garage sale, the old letters from Scott's.  The letters date back to 1901!  Really cool!  Some of them are love letters, I wish someone would right me letters like that!

Once I started pulling everything together I realized I would need some color & found this fabric in my stash.  It was perfect!  I took it to Home Depot & had them custom color match & mix at 50%.  The guy told me it was too light but I tried it anyway.  It looks much darker in photos but it is a great color. If you are interested I will be happy to share the color formula on the can.  

Close up of beds.

I still need to replace the blinds, they have yellowed over the years & look even worse now that everything else is white!  And there is one eyesore that I will have to get rid of but for now it has to stay.

Anyone want to buy a black fan?
And if you are keeping track, the only "new" items I bought: curtain rod $29.95 & Burlap lamp shade $15.49

This is now my favorite room in the house!  I have been opening the door just to take a peak!  

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