Saturday, February 4, 2012

CeCe Caldwell's Paint Now Available at City Antiques!

I am stocked & ready for my 1st sale! Most colors are available today at City Antiques in Roswell.  This is the big news I have been waiting to share with y'all!  I am the new North Georgia retailer for CeCe Caldwell's paint!  100% naturally green, chalk & clay paint and it's made right here in the USA!  It's environmentally friendly, even the paint & wax cans are made from recycled plastic!  Adheres to a wide variety of surfaces without extensive prep work.  The wax is natural, not petroleum based,no odor & goes on without streaking.  (I think it smells like honey!)  
I am working on fill my shopping cart with all of the great colors & will be ready to sell online in a few short weeks.   In the mean time, if you live in North Georgia you can head to 
City Antiques 
700 Holcomb Bridge Road Suite 100

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    1. Thanks! I will be blogging about those soon!

  2. Your space looks so good! Congrats on selling CeCe Caldwell paints, so glad to know it's made in the good old USA. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration over at Sunday's Best Par.tay!