Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I've Been Up To

Wow! Where has the time gone!? It seems like forever since I put a real post up. I am so behind with blogging about my projects, I can think of 10 off the top of my head that I haven't posted about! Such a slacker!! But so many things are going on here, so many things have changed! So to catch you up-

This is my 1st official week out of work.  I quit my job!  I only worked three days a week but it was a very stressful job.  I have never been able to spend Spring Break or Summer or Christmas break home with my daughter.  I am a pediatric dental hygienist, there is no time off allowed when the kids are out of school.  That's really hard to do when you have a family!  Not all offices are like that but the one I worked at was.   I had been there for almost 11 years & I am glad I am done!  You cannot imagine how much better I feel not going to work!  Monday I was home with my daughter & we had part of the best day (she is 11 going on 16 so you can imagine!).  But it was still great not to have to worry about what I was going to do with her while I was at work & she was out of school!   Today I cleaned the house, even dusted!  That is something I never do! (the dusting, not cleaning!)   I think that stems from my childhood.  My mom always made list for my sister & I to do while she was at work (I was raised by an amazing single mom!!).  She said the list would "keep us out of trouble".  We weren't bad kids, I mean 2 girls, how much trouble could girls get into?  Well there was the time we used the mattress to slide down the stairs...  But anyway, that wasn't my idea & no one got hurt!   Since I was a kid I have hated dusting!    I always dreaded to see that on my list!  As for the list thing, it ruined me!!  I mean seriously, I cannot function without a list!(thanks, Mom!)   If we ever do away with pens & paper I will not be able to get out of bed!  I'm not kidding!  I have a list for everything, even cleaning the house!  I keep a list in my purse of things I need to look for when I am out shopping(thrifting).  It is C.R.A.Z.Y!!   Here are some examples:

This is the list on my kitchen desk.

 This is the list below the list on the kitchen desk to remind me what I need to do today.

 Yes, I have to mark things off the list.  I don't feel complete without doing that.  The column on the right is what I need to talk to my daughter about after cleaning her room.

Here are the list on my kitchen chalkboard

 This is the list from my purse.

It is a sickness I'll tell you! 

Onto some good news!  My booth at City Antiques is great amazing!!!  I have had a few pieces that sold in less than a week! I opened my booth on October 21st.  As of January 14th, I have sold every piece of furniture that was originally in the booth.  I had to paint over Christmas & New Years to fill my booth even though this is a slow time of year for Antiques stores.  I am thrilled with how things are going & to think I was scared not only to make the leap but to let everyone know!  I have been so blessed!!!!

There is some other BIG news that I will share with you soon!!!

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