Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cottage Dresser

I picked up this dresser at an auction a few weeks ago. There wasn't much interest in it which was great for me. It is bleached Mahogany that looks very much like maple. Not my favorite finish! Or anyone else's for that matter!


I knew right from the start the drawer pulls had to go.  I removed them & filled one of the holes.  I had originally planned to put on big chunky knobs that I had removed from another piece.  Turns out I didn't have enough knobs(of course!)  So off to Hobby Lobby I went.  I couldn't decide which ones to get so I bought 8 of each style.  I had to get this piece done very quickly over Christmas because I had  sold several pieces in a very short time just a few days before Christmas & my booth was looking a little bear.  Luckily this was a pretty easy piece & I was able to finish quickly.  I used Annie Sloan Old White & sealed with a poly finish.  


Measures 46"W x 36"H x 20"D.  Available for purchase at City Antiques in Roswell.  

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PB Inspired Lantern

I was at Marshall's when I saw this huge lantern.  I loved it & it was on clearance but I just thought it was too big for me.  It also had one side of the glass broken & it was covered in this fabric(I liked the fabric but not on the lantern).  So I walked away from it even though it was marked down to $39.  I dreamed about the lantern that night & had to go back to get it.  Luckily it was still there when I walked in, I could see it from the front of the store & it was all the way in the back.  My daughter said, "wouldn't it be funny it someone picked it up before we got to the back of the store?".  "NO!!", I said and pushed the buggy a little faster.  I would hate to have to take someone out in Marshalls because I was dumb enough to pass it up the 1st time!  But it was still there when we made it to the back.  I was so happy because that stuff never happens to me!
I took it home & right away pulled the fabric off (and saved it for another project, it does have the cutest script with "nest" on it).  I removed the 4,903 screws holding the top on & cut the hot glue to remove the broken glass.  After measuring the glass I headed to Lowes to have a new piece cut.  I am so glad they will cut glass since Home Depot doesn't.  I cleaned & scraped the other pieces of glass to get them all clean & shiny.  Of course I had to run out & buy some large candles to go in it & luckily they were half off at Hobby Lobby that week!  It sits on my fireplace hearth & makes me so happy to see it!  I think it really looks like it came from Pottery Barn for 1/3 of the price!

I did keep the adorable fabric for use on another project


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What I've Been Up To

Wow! Where has the time gone!? It seems like forever since I put a real post up. I am so behind with blogging about my projects, I can think of 10 off the top of my head that I haven't posted about! Such a slacker!! But so many things are going on here, so many things have changed! So to catch you up-

This is my 1st official week out of work.  I quit my job!  I only worked three days a week but it was a very stressful job.  I have never been able to spend Spring Break or Summer or Christmas break home with my daughter.  I am a pediatric dental hygienist, there is no time off allowed when the kids are out of school.  That's really hard to do when you have a family!  Not all offices are like that but the one I worked at was.   I had been there for almost 11 years & I am glad I am done!  You cannot imagine how much better I feel not going to work!  Monday I was home with my daughter & we had part of the best day (she is 11 going on 16 so you can imagine!).  But it was still great not to have to worry about what I was going to do with her while I was at work & she was out of school!   Today I cleaned the house, even dusted!  That is something I never do! (the dusting, not cleaning!)   I think that stems from my childhood.  My mom always made list for my sister & I to do while she was at work (I was raised by an amazing single mom!!).  She said the list would "keep us out of trouble".  We weren't bad kids, I mean 2 girls, how much trouble could girls get into?  Well there was the time we used the mattress to slide down the stairs...  But anyway, that wasn't my idea & no one got hurt!   Since I was a kid I have hated dusting!    I always dreaded to see that on my list!  As for the list thing, it ruined me!!  I mean seriously, I cannot function without a list!(thanks, Mom!)   If we ever do away with pens & paper I will not be able to get out of bed!  I'm not kidding!  I have a list for everything, even cleaning the house!  I keep a list in my purse of things I need to look for when I am out shopping(thrifting).  It is C.R.A.Z.Y!!   Here are some examples:

This is the list on my kitchen desk.

 This is the list below the list on the kitchen desk to remind me what I need to do today.

 Yes, I have to mark things off the list.  I don't feel complete without doing that.  The column on the right is what I need to talk to my daughter about after cleaning her room.

Here are the list on my kitchen chalkboard

 This is the list from my purse.

It is a sickness I'll tell you! 

Onto some good news!  My booth at City Antiques is great amazing!!!  I have had a few pieces that sold in less than a week! I opened my booth on October 21st.  As of January 14th, I have sold every piece of furniture that was originally in the booth.  I had to paint over Christmas & New Years to fill my booth even though this is a slow time of year for Antiques stores.  I am thrilled with how things are going & to think I was scared not only to make the leap but to let everyone know!  I have been so blessed!!!!

There is some other BIG news that I will share with you soon!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Side Table

Just a quick little table.  I was originally going to repair the missing trim on the sides but I didn't have the time & it came off so easily.  Once again I started to work on the table before I remembered to take a before picture.  The top sanded off so easily, no need for stripper!  I painted the base Pure White & stained the top with Jacobean.  The top was sealed with 3 coats of poly, I figured it would need it!  I left the feet original.


Measures 18"x24"x26"H.  This table is now available in my booth at City Antiques.

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