Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nantucket Spray Iron Bed

I have had this bed for a while. It was an amazing Craig's list find. I won't tell you what I paid for it, you would be jealous. I will tell you I paid less for the bed then I did for lunch today with my daughter.

If sat on my back patio for months. I wanted to have it sandblasted but that was at least $100. I really didn't want to invest that much so I needed to come up with something else. I heard about PB Blaster & decided to try it for myself. It was great! I sprayed the whole bed & used a wire brush attached to the drill. The paint came off so easily! After removing the paint I lightly sanded the entire bed. Now for the hard part, picking the color!  I put a picture on FB asking what everyone would choose.  I was trying to decide between one of CeCe Caldwell's many turquoises & Simply White.  What a debate!  I could see it both ways but I was leaning towards turquoise & chippy.  Only problem was once I removed all of the paint, the bed was silver & I didn't have time to do 2 layers of paint.  I was spraying the bed & it was turing cold, I only had time to spray one color.  So I decided to go with CeCe Caldwell's Nantucket Spray, a gorgeous pale blue-green.  And I still got to use all of the white bedding I had pictured in my head.
I took apart the springs & sold some of the springs in my shop, put some on my Christmas tree & made others candle holders.

I used the top part of the bedspring to hold my Christmas cards this year.  It worked almost perfectly.  I need to do something to the horizontal metal pieces that the cards were attached too.  They tend to slide a little if they get too many cards on them.  But I did enjoy it & it was different from what every one else had!

Here is the bed.  I didn't get pictures before I took it to the shop.  I really wanted to take them with the bed all made up & it is too hard to carry a mattress & boxsprings down the stairs just for a few pictures!

I still have one large piece of the bedsprings left.  Now what to do with it...

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Media Cabinet for Me

It has been quite a while since I have been able to finish a piece just for me. There are many pieces I have finished that I would love to keep but just don't have the room to keep everything! We recently repainted most of the house inside & once we had that fresh coat of paint I decided I wanted to change our media cabinet. It was a big beautiful piece but it was actually a buffet that we did have in the dining room & it got moved to the family room when we rid the dining room. It is oversized really big & dark & really just not my style anymore.

But the biggest reason I wanted to get rid of it is because we have the direct tv box hidden in the middle doors & they always have to be open to change the channel. I have always had issues with cabinet doors not being closed. It goes way back, I can remember being at my Mamaw's & always trying to close the cabinet doors but there was always too much stuff! So now you see my dilemma, I had to have a new piece of furniture! I was looking for a midcentury modern triple dresser, I don't know why, that is totally not my style but I just felt like I needed a modern piece in the room. Well, you know MCM is super hot & it was next to impossible to find a large piece that would fit in my cheap modest budget. After weeks of looking, I came across this dresser on Craig's & really liked the legs. So yes, I did buy this dresser just for the legs!

When I got the dresser the lady had just "cleaned" it, it was covered in oil!  I asked her later what she used & she told me she just sprayed it with polish.  Ugh!  I knew it was going to get tons of grease spots with this piece but it was kinda fun to experiment with several different techniques & see what would work.   Here is what I tried, I wiped several areas with different products.  I used:
Simple Green
Sanding Deglosser
Dawn Dishwashing Liquid
Mineral Spirits
Someone had recommended I try Denatured Alcohol but I didn't try that.  I put on a thin coat of paint & allowed to dry.  Here is what happened. 

Spots!  I was expecting them due to the amount of oil on this piece.  I got spots everywhere, re-guardless of what I used to clean it.  The part of the experiment was to see what would "lock" the grease spots in.  I tried wax, Satin Finish & Shellac.  I still got a fair amount of spots with the wax.  The Satin Finish sealed the spots on the sides & front of the dresser but on the top I still had a few come through.  The Shellac was the best for the top, all the spots were sealed in but it has a very strong odor & I would recommend you use it outdoors.  
So now onto the fun part!  I removed the top middle drawer.  Then I pulled out 2 of the drawers from behind the doors & knocked out the supports under the drawer.  I filled the sides, back & bottom with every scrap piece of wood I could find.  I used bead board, MDF, melamine & wood.  I added a piece of trim to the front just to give everything a finished look.  I drilled 2 holes in the back for all the cords.  After 2 coats of paint you will never know what a mix match of materials I used!
I painted the whole dresser with 2 coats of Pittsburgh Gray.  I then did my new favorite paint technique, Vermont Slate Wash.  

This is how wet the mixture is, mostly water & a little bit paint.  It should drip off the brush.  

Brush all until the entire drawer is covered but don't do large areas all at once, it will begin to dry.

Left drawer Pittsburgh Gray, right drawer has Vermont Slate Wash, not wiped off yet.

Right- wet Vermont Slate Wash, middle-wiped off, right-just paint.  Don't you just love the difference that one little step makes?

You can see the shelf I built, you can't tell how many different types of material I used.  

Doors are have wash & are dried, inside I didn't add the wash.

After the wash dried I dry brushed Dover White & then dry brushed on Vermont slate.  I used Satin Finish for protection.  

I purchased the pulls from Hobby Lobby it only took me 3 trips to get all 8!  I spray painted them with Krylon Metal.

Finally, the doors can be closed & we can change the channel!
I have the buffet for sale if anyone is interested, it measures 83"L x 40 1/2"H x 22"D.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Thomasville Dresser/Buffet

This is one of the few free pieces I have come across.  I know some of you guys are lucky & find free furniture all over the place but not here.  If something free is posted on CL, it is gone with 15 minutes.  And if it is in the trash, it is because it really is trash.  I guess it was my lucky day to find this free piece & it is Thomasville!  It really was in good shape, drawers worked well, no major scratches or chips.  Legs were perfect, it just need some updating.

I added a damask stencil on the door with Venetian Plaster & finished it with gold Rub n Buff.

It was missing one pull so I just removed them from the top drawers & replaced them with the biggest glass knobs I could find.

Top is Modern Masters Pale Gold.

I added a little surprise just inside the doors.

And another surprise inside the drawers.  

Now available at City Antiques in Roswell.

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Thank you to Kennesha & Karen for featuring my dresser!