Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! Hope Santa was good to you!

Our elves made donuts before they left

I finally got some pictures of the dining room decorations & one of our trees

I had to do this after I saw it on Rhoda's blog

This was our set up for yesterday when my step kids came over.  You can see our naughty elves in the background waiting to eat some unattended cookies!

Santa brought us a karaoke machine! (yea me-said in a sarcastic voice!)  We are having brunch this morning with my family.  My brother in law is making shrimp & grits, the best I have ever had!  I can't wait!!  

Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas 2011 (sorta)

I fully intended to get pictures of all my trees this past weekend but some how that just didn't work out. The sun comes up on the front corner of my house & I never seem to get up in time to take advantage of it & snap some good photos. I started taking pictures of my mantel & of course my battery died & the light was bad anyway, it was an overcast day so maybe this weekend I can get some. But here are the terrible  few that don't totally suck.

I am really loving this white & natural look.  I am normally a red & gold girl but this just looks so elegant to me & it was so easy.   I may have to do some after Christmas shopping for some white ornaments.  

This is the only picture I have taken so far of my "big" tree.  It is in our family room & is the largest tree we have.  It is 9 feet & just the perfect tree.  The bottom branches lay on the floor so it looks perfect even without presents!  We had a 12 foot tree for years, we got it the year I was pregnant with my daughter.  That was fun!  8 months pregnant & on top of a ladder because I am the only one who could decorate the tree "right".  Oh, and it wasn't prelit!  We have had this 9 foot prelit tree for a few years & I am so much happier with it!
I saw this idea at Pier 1 this year & decided it would be easy & super cute (not to mention much cheaper).  I just filled some clear balls with cute brown feathers.  Easy peasy.

The other pictures are all from last year, I hope to get some of this years trees but I am not really feeling it, yet.  Maybe its because we don't know what our plans are for Christmas.  Last year we had family here on Christmas Eve & Christmas day.  I felt with all that company coming I needed to go all out.  I just don't feel that way this year.

Our family tree last year was red & gold.  Since I was too lazy to pull all that those boxes out we went with the green & brown theme that I normally put on our basement tree.  It was about 1/3 of the ornaments.  That will make me very happy when I put all this stuff away in a few weeks.

This was the mantel in the basement last year.  This year it is empty since all this is one our big tree this year.  

Hopefully when I am not feeling lazy, I will get some pictures of this years trees.  :)

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Princess Dresser

I loved this dresser & knew the moment I saw it that is was meant to be pink!  It just looks like  it belongs in a room for a sweet little princess!  Sorry for the terrible pictures.  I didn't take a good before or after shot!

Sorry for these pictures, I forgot to take one before I got it in place in my booth!  I originally wanted it a little lighter pink but I am happy with the color it turned out to be.  I mixed Emperor's silk & Pure white to get this sweet pink.  I waxed it with a light wax.  All the knobs were replaced with large glass knobs since several of the original ones were missing & hard to match.

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