Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Built A Hutch

I built something!!!! I can hardly believe it! I designed & built this mostly by myself. I know it is a simple box with some great paint but I am so proud that I took something out of my head & made it real! I recently refinished a dresser for my daughter's new hangout (just realized I never blogged about that, hmm) & we needed somewhere to put all of her junk "stuff" & books. This was a perfect plan & I am so glad I saw this all the way through. There are no before pictures but here are a few afters. Thanks for looking!

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Louis Blue Vanity $225

I finally tried a new chalk paint color, Louis Blue.  It is a very purplish blue but I like it.  This vanity had a few issues.  The top had separated from the base so the previous owners put 3 very large nails in the top.  I removed those & filled the holes.  There is also a crack in the center but it is still very sturdy despite that.  I decided not to fill the crack with wood filler, I think it adds to the charm of the piece.
Here are the only 2 before pictures I have.  I know I took some of the front but I guess they were eaten by my camera :(

Here it is after.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) my daughter can't manage to squeeze this into her bedroom so I am selling it.  She would keep almost every piece if I let her!  It measures 42"W x 17"D x 67"H with 16"W leg opening.  $225

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Small Chest

I had another custom piece to finish this week.  I really liked the size of this chest, it is going to be used as a nightstand, a perfect size I think.  Here is the before.

This was my first time using Duck Egg Chalk paint.  I really like the color!  It looks more blue in the can but comes out a beautiful light blue-green.  I will definitely be using this color again.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Hardest Piece Ever!!

This piece, by far, has been the hardest piece I have ever done. It was brought to me by the same sweet couple who bought the cottage style chest & the beautiful bed. This piece actually came before the bed but was such a challenge, took me the longest. This was to be the husband's chest. It is so thick & chunky, it seems manly to me!

They wanted it painted Old White to match the other pieces, easy, right? Wrong!!! I put the first coat of Old White on & it turned pink!

So I thought, this paint covers anything, no problem, right?  WRONG!!!  This paint doesn't cover anything!  I put 3 coats on & I still had this pink everywhere!  I contacted Annie Sloan & of course she was out of town so while I waited I thought, why don't I cover it with Graphite & then paint it Old White.   Great idea, I tell myself!

So after 2 coats of Graphite, I lightly brush on Old White & guess what happened.  Yep, it turned pink!! Again!!!  What the...Luckily I only put 2 coats of Graphite on this one side.  So I wait, on pins & needles  patiently for Annie to get back & respond to my email.  Luckily she did, told me to use knotting on it.  What!?  Have you ever googled the word knotting!?  Anyhoo, after a few emails back & forth & a couple trips to Home Depot, Ace & Lowes, I finally found something that would work.  Shellac!  3 coats of it!  Of course I had to sand off most of the paint I had already put on it but it was worth it.  Now I know what to do if I ever have bleed through.  
So here is the after that only took me 4 weeks to get done.  

Here are his & her pieces side by side, doesn't it remind you of the chairs in Up?  One is so feminine & the other is so manly.

The colors really do match, don't know why they look so off in this picture.

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