Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beautiful Bed

I met the sweetest couple a few weeks ago when they purchased this chest from me.

They mentioned they are looking for more furniture to redo their master bedroom.  I spotted this bed on Craig's list & emailed it to them about the same time the husband showed the wife (great minds!).  It wasn't exactly what they were looking for but I loved the details of it!
Here is the before: (well the footboard, I had already started on the headboard)

Here is the after, I absolutely love this bed & wish I could keep it for myself!

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Friday, August 12, 2011

I won a motorcycle!!!!

Yep, you read it right, I won a motorcycle. Not super cool chalk paint or something else I would use but a motorcycle.
2 weeks ago my daughter & I had Chinese food for lunch. My fortune said "A small lucky package will be on its way to you soon". Last week a small Fed Ex envelope was dropped off from Kawasaki.
Kawasaki had a Good Times Sales Event Dealer Giveaway that started in the Spring. My husband has a Ducati & was trying to win the Kawasaki Vulcan they are giving away. He entered 6 tickets in his name & one in mine. Inside the package said I was a "potential" winner of the dealer giveaway (not the grand prize Vulcan he wanted). Yesterday I got a call from our Kawasaki dealer saying I had won a Ninja 250R. We were hoping they would have selected the Bayou ATV which was one of the options but it is up to the dealer to decide the prize. So in a couple of weeks when my new green Ninja arrives, I will be sporting around town on it. Just kidding!! We are hoping to sell it & buy something fun.
Yesterday I did take the numbers on the back of the fortune & bought a lottery ticket! I figured since have the fortune came true maybe the numbers would be lucky, too! If I do win the lottery I will have some super cool over the top giveaway, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Doll Beds

I am doing a craft show with my mom this weekend.  She has made tons of doll clothes for American Girl dolls & I am making these cute beds.  They have been so much fun!  I built my 1st bed (for my daughter) off of Ana White's farmhouse bed.  I changed it some, making it a little bigger.  It actually will hold 2 American Girl Dolls.  Since it was fairly easy & my daughter was thrilled with it, I thought I could make some to sell.  I changed the design again, twice just to make the beds a little different.
Here is the bed I made for my daughter.

Here are the 4 I made to sale, hopefully I will be taking lots of orders for them!

 My daughter picked this fabric.  It kinda looks like Ed Hardy, super cute.

This bedding is the softest fleece!  Has has cool owls & peace signs.

This one is my favorite!  Love the gray bed with the black & yellow butterflies.  I hope tween girls will like this one, too!

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