Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Piece for Me!!

Finally! A piece just for me! I have been searching forever for a dresser to go in my study. I first purchased this huge gorgeous french dresser.

But is was HUGE!  Way HUGE!!  But I loved it!  So much that I cried when it left but it went to a very nice home! :)
Next I had this dresser. 

It wasn't my style when I picked it up but once I painted it, I really liked it.  Unfortunately it was too long, too.
I picked up this adorable little french cabinet.  

I loved it from the start, I love anything French style!  Those curvy legs get me every time! :)  But it wasn't quite tall enough next to my huge desk.  And it found a very loving home this past Monday.
I thought I was never going to find the right piece then I realized the perfect piece has been sitting under my nose since last summer!  I purchased an incredible deal last summer, I was looking for matching twin beds for my daughter's room.  (have you ever tried to find twin beds that actually match without buying them new?  Next to impossible.  Trust me!)  Anyway, I found a set that had 2 fantastic beds with headboards AND footboards!!  It also came with a gorgeous highboy, a chair, small table, dresser & mirror.  Right off I loved the highboy & wanted to keep it but just couldn't find a place for it.  I planned on selling the small table, chair & dresser with mirror.  I ended up refinishing the small table & use it every. single. day.  It is so cute with a little zebra print.  Guess I need to post photos of that!  The chair ended up in my daughters room & it is a perfect fit!  The mirror is over my mantle, it looks perfect there!  So that leaves the dresser, it has been sitting in the basement waiting to be refinished & find a new home.  Then it hit me that it is the perfect size for my space!  So this weekend I finally refinished a piece for me that I plan on keeping! (my husband says "yeah, right!")  Its not like I sell every piece of furniture in my house.  But if you are ever here & see something you like, make me an offer ;)
So anyway, I know your eyes are tired of reading all of this, unless you just skipped ahead to the pictures.  Here it is before.

And after without the knobs.  Still trying to decide if I want to keep the original or find some new ones.  This is the chippiest piece I have ever done & I am IN LOVE!!!  It if one of my favorite pieces ever & I am definitely keeping it!

  What is hanging out of that bottom drawer?  Looks like Easter grass & I can't imagine where that came from since its full of my ebay stuff!

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  1. LOVE this piece!!! Yay for you :)

  2. Looks great! You should definitely keep this one! But I'm like you... if the right offer comes along... ;-)

  3. Love the look of the finish! Looks wonderful!

  4. I love this, it's so cute! That top one is stunning, too!

  5. ooh, I love all of them, but do love the worn look, Great job, i too do the same thing, buy-re-do-and decide what to keep what to sell..
    Great way to re-decorate..
    Love your Blog Karryann
    Newest Follower

  6. I love it!!! I think it is funny that the third piece seems to be an in between style of piece No.1 and Piece No. 2.:) SO funny how eventually you used all those pieces that you thought you would sell but didn't.

  7. I love the chippy look on this!! You were brave to do it, I can never have the courage to distress it like this once I have it all painted. Looks fantastic!

  8. Great job! I'm very impressed with your patience! The dresser is so pretty the way you've painted it.

    I'm visiting from Dittle Dattle's party and am looking forward to following you.

    Have a great day.

  9. Beautiful piece !! I love all of the chippiness and character you added.

  10. This looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Please stop by and link up to my Share the Wealth Wednesday Link Party! I'm your newest follower!

  11. I love the distress on the last dresser. Leaving the top unpainted is genius!

  12. Glad I found you! That piece is perfect, so happy for you... now you REALLY better keep it ;). I laughed outloud when you said to make an offer if you see something you like in your home, haha!!
    Swing on over to my little blog if you like, love to have you!


  13. Too many beautiful pieces at once, I had to take a minute to compose myself:) They are great!

  14. I love the size of the last cabinet--just seems to fit the space better! You've had some beauties against that wall, though!