Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ottoman Slipcover

This is my 3rd slipcover.  I covered this ottoman (otherwise know as the dog bed) just before Christmas.  It was the first time I have sewn since the 9th grade.  I have been out of high school for 20 years, you do the math.  :)  It was ok.  I covered it like everyone tells you to, wrong sides out, pin, cut & sew.  Then I tackled a chair and a half with plans to do a massive couch & love seat.  The cover was a little snug and a tiny bit short so I wanted to add a ruffle after making one for the chair.   After looking at the slipcover I decided I could do much better.  After all, I have learned to sew piping & I even made a pillow with a zipper in it!!  So this time I just measured, cut & sewed.  It was pretty easy since it is just a big square.  I did, however break 2 needles and sewed the fabric together twice where I wasn't supposed to.  I also had to add several inches of pleats (if anyone knows a good way to judge how much fabric you will need to make pleats, please let me know. Thank you!)  It seems I am always about 8" shy of whatever I need.  Even if I add an extra 8" at the beginning.  Story of my life...Anyway, back to the slipcover.

Sorry for the big furry dog on it.  He just didn't want to move off his bed! 

I've learned to make piping & pleats.  I love them both!!

Here's one from the front so you can see his cute furry face and my little one hanging out in the background.  That's the chair I covered & I did the smaller ottoman the same day I did this big one.

Here is his sexy leg pose for the camera.  

And just so he didn't feel left out.  :)

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gray Cabinet


I am loving gray. It is my favorite color right now. When I started with this cabinet I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it. I thought maybe I would strip & re stain the top then figure it out from there. But this cabinet didn't want that, it had other plans. I think it wanted to be grey. Do your pieces ever speak to you and tell you what color they want to be? And when you don't get it right, they don't cooperate? That's what happened here. I applied my stripper to the top (same one I just used on the French Dresser). After waiting for what seemed like forever, nothing was happening. Ugh! What now? So I broke out my trusty scraper & started to remove the incredibly sticky, gummy mess. It would not come off like I wanted it to (I think that is when I realized this was one stubborn cabinet!). I broke out my Liquid Sandpaper to remove the gummy mess that was left behind & with a little elbow grease I finally got the top clean. Only to reveal a patch that someone had placed on the right side, with a totally different wood & it stood out like a sore thumb! Ugh! So I used my current goto grey, distressed & glazed.  I also added chunky glass knobs.  I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.  Surprisingly the rolling doors work great & I didn't have to work on them!

Sorry for the terrible picture, I almost forgot to take one!

I really want to add something to the front of the doors.  I was thinking about adding a very muted stencil but I think it would be "too much" with the detail above it.  Maybe I should add some fabric like Kim did here at Savvy Southern Style.  What do you guys think?

I can see this as a bathroom vanity with a vessel sink on top.  Almost makes me wish we used it in my daughter's bathroom that we just remodeled.  This would have thrilled her because this is her favorite piece (I think its the rolling doors!) but my husband might have divorced me since the plumbing would probably had to be moved.
Hopefully someone else loves it just as much as me, let me know if you are interested!

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

French Dresser $450

I sold the dresser today & even though it went to one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met, I was sad to see it go!  Now there is a big empty space on my wall that reminds me it's gone.  Hopefully I will find another piece that I will love just as much.

I recently finished this gorgeous dresser.  Here are some before shots (with the drawers out) I almost didn't remember to take the before shots!

Top was completely sanded and re-stained a gorgeous dark walnut.  Paint is a perfect creamy white that I had colored matched from a Ballard's Designs shelf.  Glazed with dark walnut.  This is the first piece I have redone and not distressed.  The doors are 2" thick!  This dresser weighs a ton!  This is the longest dresser I have ever seen, it measures 81" long.
I originally purchased it for me but I think I need something smaller.  So I've decided to find it a good home.  Let me know if you are interested!

 I have now glazed the inside drawers & doors.  I just couldn't live with the whiteness of the color!

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