Sunday, January 23, 2011

Turquoise Secretary

This piece was my first Craig's list purchase.  I was so nervous going to get it.  I didn't know what to expect, will it be in worse condition than I'm expecting, am I meeting a serial killer?  Turns out everything was just fine.  There were no doors in the picture but she had them.  (she must not have been a serial killer since I'm still here)  Here is the before picture

Here is the after, another bright addition to my tween's room! She decided she doesn't like pink- Perfect! We are slowly adding some turquoise but don't think we will be painting anytime soon since it took us hours to get those stripes up!

The back was in terrible shape so I replaced it with beadboard.  LOVE!  Of course one of the doors had the trellis on it and the other didn't so while trying to cut it off- I broke the glass.  So one side has new glass that I beat up a little to make it look old.  Seems I always do something to make my projects take longer!  I stripped this piece right down the the beautiful mahogany wood.  Last time ever I will strip!  I'm talking about 3 layers of paint!!  Yep-3!  So glad that is over!
Here is what I found inside when I took the back off-kinda cool.


  1. This looks awesome! Is that glass knobs on the inside? Gorgeous! I've been wanting to paint a piece turquoise for a long time, I think I'll start with something small and work my way up :)

  2. I just love how this turned out! Love a brave color wielding gal. Came over from Dittle Dattle. Pop on over to my neck of the woods. I am a painter. New follower too!

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere! I'm your 2nd follower! (You had me at "turquoise"!) ha! Love the color and I love me a secretary desk as well. I've been watching craigslist here. Unfortunately I've not seen one under $400.00.

    You did a beautiful job!

    Stop by for a visit if you can!