Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dining Room Table & Chairs

A few months ago I was scouring Craigs list looking for more dining room chairs.  We originally purchased 4 with our table & I always wanted a few more.  I happened to find the same chairs but they came with a table that the owner didn't want to separate.  Since I needed a table (and I couldn't find the 60" round wood table I was coveting) & the price was right, I went with it! 

These chair covers are gross, right?  Mine weren't this terrible color but I wanted to make them all black anyway.  I was hoping we had some real wood on the table, my plan was to stain it with an ebony stain (my current fav) Anywho, after a little sanding I realized I was blessed to have a table top made from MDF.  Well, at least the finish would be smooth but no stain for me :(  So on to plan B.  I decided to paint the top black and the base white with an antique glaze.  After many hours of sanding my hubby decided it needed to go a little quicker and purchased a belt sander.  It works incredibly fast but leaves horrific marks in the top!  It has been such a dramatic difference I don't think anyone but me even notices those marks anymore.  The chair cushions were covered in a super smooth chenille that looks like velvet.  Totally gorg but attracts dust like you wouldn't  believe!

Thanks for stopping by, I will be posting furniture for sale soon!


  1. it looks beautiful! you would never know the top was mdf- it looks heavy, solid, and classic. you did a fabulous job of updating it!

  2. Fantastic! What an amazing update!! Looks beautiful!

  3. The painted top looks great...awesome looking makeover! I’m having a GIVEAWAY going on…hop on over and enter. My weekly NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY is going on…would love to have you join in on the fun.


  4. MDF may not be real wood but it is a pleasure to paint. Looks awesome!

  5. Fabulous! I love the black and cream. I'm amazed and how completely transformed it looks!

    Would love for you to drop by this weekend and join Passion for Paint!